Filmic Map of a Country

A collective documentary mapping Chile's human and social landscape.


During a period when Chilean society started to become more critical about its administration and more invested in reconnecting with a sense of identity, we co-founded MAFI (in Spanish acronym for Mapa Fílmico de un País), a collective of filmmakers and researchers looking to document through observation the country’s current reality.

Pablo Núñez Palma from Third Eye Media is one of the co-founders of this Chilean documentary collective. The project started with the ambition of making an avant-garde web documentary composed of short observational pieces that all together build up a panopticon of gazes. The core concept: Chilean filmmakers turning their eyes to their country.

After the project’s initial success (exhibitions in film festivals and galleries in Europe and Latin America), MAFI produced two feature documentaries based on the same concept. The first one, Propaganda, inquires into Chile’s 2013 presidential campaign. The second, DIOS, explores the spiritual life –and crisis– of Chile’s diverse society.


  • IDFA Doclab 2012
  • Visions du Reel 2014 and 2019


Hello, I’m Pablo, creator of Third Eye Media.

I believe that storytelling is the most powerful tool to spread ideas, gather communities and spark action. That’s why I created Third Eye Media: to tell stories that inspire positive change.

After more than 10 years in the creative industries, I have often witnessed the process of an idea becoming a story and the enormous impact that such transformation brings along.

I have spent my life crafting audiovisual stories. I have worked as a film director, photographer, scriptwriter, story consultant, copywriter and communication strategist for independent films, organizations and entrepreneurs. With Third Eye Media, I wish to put all my knowledge and experience at the service of growing our collective awareness, improve our consumption culture and create a better world.

You may have something meaningful to share. Maybe it is a valuable idea at the forefront of your research field, or an event that aims to raise societal awareness, or perhaps a new product that promotes eco-friendly behaviour among consumers. In either case, you care about people, and you are proud of doing work that contributes to a better, healthier, more conscious and sustainable world.

If this resonates with you, I am glad we have connected. And I would love to help distil your message into meaningful media content.

The role of Third Eye Media is to tell stories that connect people, build communities around good causes, improve our culture, destroy old stereotypes, and support a more genuine and authentic perception of who we are.

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