De Meditatietuin

Lockdown Campaign


In early 2020 COVID-19 hit The Netherlands. Businesses and sports centres had to close. Some people lost their jobs and others had to work from home. Third Eye Media worked with the urban retreat centre Meditatietuin in writing, producing and distributing a series of branded meditation videos that helped them stay connected with their community to lighten the distresses of lockdown.

We built the campaign around a series of three free videos delivered via email after a successful newsletter subscription. The videos consist of three different kinds of guided meditations offered by Meditatietuin teachers (mindfulness, voicing and chi-kung). 


They make a sincere invitation to the Meditatietuin community to stay connected while also positioning the brand as an authority in meditation, regardless of specific practices.


The campaign took place on Facebook and Instagram. We created unique teasers and promoted them as advertisements. De Meditatietuin’s email list increased by more than double.

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