Alien Visions

Storytelling to prove a concept


We were commissioned by Eye Filmmuseum and the University of Amsterdam to create a proof of concept for using an experimental media navigation tool specially developed for film archives. The result: an eerie sci-fi short film.

We directed and wrote this short film commissioned by Eye Filmmuseum and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the context of their research on creative reuse for film archives for artistic practice.

An Alien has been found free-floating in space. Scanning his deep mind, strange images have been detected. Are they evidence of an existing civilization, or are they merely the product of the alien’s imagination?

Alien Visions is a short film essay that questions the human capacity of finding meaningful connections with non-human points of view. The found-footage sequences in the film have been created with the help of state of the art computer algorithms designed to group images according to their visual resemblance.

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